How I Feel About Diet and Nutrition

All MOVEMENT is good movement!~~~

Anyhow, here I am again. Sitting in my kitchen, with my whole morning routine. The LA sunshine is shedding its light on me and I am thinking about what light I feel like shedding to this platform. At the moment I feel like I have so much going on that I would like to share that I don’t know where to start.  I’m so excited to start sharing and forging my place on the health and wellness spectrum via this lil space. I want this to be a place where I can vent, share perspective, connect and be vulnerable. I have a feeling shit is gonna get deep here. After all, I have wanted to do this for ever.

This morning, maybe I can share a bit about my stance. There is a crazy amount of “diet and exercise” info out there, and I have figured out a little bit about how to navigate that world. So – I’m going to share a few things I’ve learned along the way..

I guess you could say that I am quite “anti-diet”.

It’s actually really simple. Think nutritionally dense. Eat foods that feel good. Eat foods that make you feel good. That also means good for your soul. i.e. some days a brownie might be best for you if your soul needs it. (If you haven’t been restricting brownies or foods like them, maybe you won’t binge on them later and feel terrible) If you can’t read what’s in the ingredients, keep that at a minimum. Find what works for you. Stick to your guidelines and don’t stop for a while. Feeling good takes nurturing and doesn’t happen overnight. If you feel good, you’re probably doing the right things.  Don’t fall for anyone’s BS. They’re usually unqualified people trying to sell to bodies that they don’t know. It’s all about trusting yourself.

If you’re trying to fully change your body, my training or coaching may not be for you. You may want to step back and ask yourself why you want to “lose weight”. You may already be at your healthy weight. Did you know, that unless you’re extremely obese or training for performance, your body doesn’t really change that much? It’s called being at your healthy weight. I will come back to this issue because there is a lot to unpack.

I’m really upset about how much bullshit everyone is fed (or not fed-pun intended, lol?!) regarding this issue. Society has taught us that we should always be in a state of wanting to lose more. If you’re in that final 5lb mode, you need to re-assess again. Our bodies change every single day. Any time that you’re having to strain your diet and restrict is going to be short term, and if you go for longer you may possibly strain your metabolism. I have been there. I didn’t trust my body. We need to remember that our bodies are always here for us, doing very hard work to make sure we are all balanced. This is our hormones, our genetics, our organs doing their jobs. Why don’t we trust them? It’s our poor minds that are skewed into thinking that the only thing there is to do is to lose weight. And my god, it’s sad to know that so many women have been thrown into eating disorders, poor self-esteem, restrictive diets, obsession and so much more. It would take so much for that system to change.

I recently read a quote that said “If tomorrow women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies just think how many industries would go out of business” How true is that? A real life qualified nutritionist posted that.

So, there’s a little bit about what I think about the great big world of diet and nutrition. I know a lot of this will come back here, don’t worry. Lots of unpacking.

Helping others by integrating more movement and gently nudging toward nutritional choices is where I want to be on the spectrum of lifestyle, wellness, health, whatever you want to call it. I am qualified in movement, aspiring to be qualified in nutrition and am so ready to learn more. But for now, I’m open to discussion and comments! I’m here for all of it and so grateful to now have a place to talk in-depth about it.

I hope you have a lovely Monday. Remember, it’s just another day. If you hate Mondays remember that it’s possibly your attitude that sucks and Mondays don’t particularly suck. I’m working on it too!