Born and raised in NW Arkansas, I’m a young woman who has been through it all. I grew up riding bikes and singing songs. I had a creative mother, a smart father, an inventive brother and lifelong friends just down the street who all helped shape the person I have become. Over the past decade, I have used every opportunity imaginable to satiate my wanderlust, ended up back home, slung burritos, tried my hand at a traditional education, and earned a license in hairstyling. Music has always been a huge part of my life, so coincidentally I ended up in many concert venues, many bars, many social situations. I was blindly digging myself into a deep hole of bad habits. I woke up one morning in 2014 with a foggy brain, soreness, pants that didn’t fit, hacking up a lung and nursing a hangover. I didn’t remember the night before. As much as I love a good rock show, I decided things had to change. This is a blog dedicated to my journey of finding balance in life. I will document all of the steps I have taken to get where I am today and share everything about my lifestyle. Here, I share how I turned to health and fitness to constantly turn myself towards more positive and healthy physical and psychological behaviors. Workouts, recipes, mental and emotional health, struggles, bad days, best days and everything in between. I want you to be able to feel as good as I do. Here, we are learning together. I am currently certified through the American Council of Exercise and working from California, traveling with my partner. I’ve never felt so passionate and am constantly itching to share! My goal here is to inspire people to be real without losing sight of their goals, allowing indulgences and little hacks here and there. I hope that you are here because you are like many of us: on a constant search for stability, health, balance and willingness to accept positive change. Nobody said it was easy, but I promise it is worth it!