Well dang. We’ve been gone for a while. Packed up the Subaru. Made it to where everything we have fits inside. Left California and threw our routines 100% out the window. Lots of evenings out, lots of taking things in. New sights, new distractions causing a serious lag in my writing. Not quite regretting my actions. It’s been a whirlwind so far. But I’m ready for another cycle, opening my eyes to the world of more sober-y, detox-y, fulfilling and more memorable travel. Bali is coming up and I don’t know a better place to achieve that mindset.

I am satiating my wandering soul and it feels really good.

We started in Mexico, in a lovely, tiny, hippie, lil beach town. Ended with a gorgeous destination wedding. New friends, but familiar city. I became so comfortable in Puerto Vallarta. I was studying Spanish for a while before we left and it took me a little bit out of my comfort zone before starting to actually speak to locals. They appreciated it and I learned so much. I am so excited to get home so that I can continue to learn the language, it’s such a valuable skill and I honestly can’t believe I’m applying myself at something so …. studious again. Anyway, we continue…..

Next we were dripping sweat in the Fiji night, the weather is as warm as the people. I loved on the stray mama dogs. In this culture I feel like it was impossible trying to get a straight answer out of anyone. Maybe you just don’t ask too many questions there. We enjoyed slowness and stillness. $2 beer. Snorkeled with locals, and watched them, with their bravery, playfully chase a little clown fish. Just enough for it to bite the fingers. And it just to get a chuckle out of us. And, those late eves drinking Kava with new and interesting people from everywhere except America. lolz. Oh, and adorable lil geckos everywhere.

I’ve nearly cried at almost every new sight in New Zealand. It’s just too damn gorgeous. There is no place like this and I might say there is no place more beautiful than this. And I have driven (well, passenged) down the California coast which I thought was the most gorgeous thing in the world. Well the world said “HAHA yeah right” to me and then showed me New Zealand. It all just keeps comin. I should just stop taking pictures because nothing is capturing this. Fluffy hillsides, fluffy sheep, rocky mountains, old ass volcanoes. We hopped into a sprinter van and went south. I finally got to fulfill a childhood dream of becoming a hobbit for a day. Tiny coffee shops and perfect Kiwi accents adorn the coast, I feel so taken care of with every passing mile. The ferry pulled us down even further to the angry sea of the rainy south island. I finally learned the chore of emptying grey and black water. It’s gross. But worth it. And to imagine this was a last minute trip, we almost didn’t come here.

The weather cleared up and I decided on my favorite day so far. It included the most stunning, bluest water I have ever seen. Bluer than any Caribbean beach I’ve ever set foot on. Even lighter blue than the sky it’s reflecting. What I may have loved most about this whole scene was that it was at the edge of a little fisherman’s town just like the one my mom grew up in. I feel lucky enough to have been able to visit with her a few years ago. The day we walked through the neighborhoods and she told me all her stories was one of the best times of my life. This town was like that town and it made me really happy.

I’ve been working out a little bit as to not get out of routine, but no specific goals right now. Still eating vegan. A lot of vegan. Plenty of super fun experimental trendy new vegan cafes. But on the more classic side: I feel like the closer we get to asia, the better the Asian food. A lil bias because Thai is my absolute favorite but…it makes sense, right!? I’m loving the shit out of this cute lil Thai restaurant right down the block. I’m sad to leave Christchurch tomorrow. A week left in NZ…

Bali is next, then Japan…


John proposed before we left on our bigtime adventure. Nothing has ever felt more perfect or right. Everything clicked right into place and any dumb leftover fears or doubts I had melted away. What a nice feeling. Clarity and security. A dream come true. I never ever want to forget the warm and fuzzy feeling of that moment and that whole day. Our friends were there to capture the moment in my favorite lil diner in LA. The ring is the most Darbot ring I could have ever imagined and there were so many loved ones involved. John really did great and I’m proud of him for keeping such a good secret. I can’t wait to kiss him 4 eva in as many different countries as we can. Plus, I think our wedding is gonna probably be the best most fun party of (at least) the year.

I promised myself I would keep my mind sharp with more books and more writing on this adventure. I started out strong but I haven’t been keeping that deal up. Hopefully this space will see more of me soon, in a happy, mindful and inspired way. XOXO